Only one way exists how to live long, healthy life.

Conditions for chemical reactions are the key. Health is the way of controlling conditions.

To cut off above described processes with bad blood viscosity and rheology, you have to push your blood viscosity and rheology to normal conditions and keep it there by everyday care.

People have to start to control main conditions in their bodies. If we care for blood, we care also for brain and for every cell in our body.

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BIOQUANT NS device for intranasal laser blood irradiation by laser light for

improvement of blood rheology,

deformability of red blood cells

(improvement of blood circulation and microcirculation)

Brain – blood is connected in that fact, that blood takes care of the brain and nerve cells.

Blood brings oxygen and nutrition and takes away carbon dioxide and other metabolites.

Blood with bad viscosity and rheology ——>>>>>

The lack of oxygen comes, ——>>>>>

Acidosis comes too, ——>>>>>

Oxidative stress grows, pains, tiredness, ——>>>>>

Depressions, migrenas start to bother us.——>>>>>

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